How To Play

    1. Where can I play the Virtual Piano?

There are many websites and downloadable software that you can play the virtual piano on. Some popular choices include:

I would recommend playing on and Roblox since they are the most accessible and have exclusive features to make your virtual piano playing sound better.

    2. What do I need to play the Virtual Piano?

The Virtual Piano is extremely accessible and almost everyone should have the right gear to play it. Here is what you need:

  1. Computer Keyboard:  A good keyboard is essential to playing the Virtual Piano. I would recommend to use a HyperX Alloy Keyboard (as featured in my videos) as they are the best for quality and value.

     2. A Good Computer:  You need a decent computer in order to run the Virtual Piano without any problems. I would recommend something like this:

And that’s basically it! Pretty much just a basic PC setup and you are ready to play. Keep in mind that although it is possible to play on mobile/tablet, I would highly recommend to play on PC as playing the Virtual Piano is highly dependent on a physical computer keyboard.

    3. How do I play the Virtual Piano?

Playing the Virtual Piano is essentially a typing game. You boot up the website/game and then when you are on the piano you type and each key letter corresponds to a note.Virtual Piano Gets Re-tuned | Ed Tech Ideas(Example: You can see that “t’ is the C Note and “y” is the D Note.)

Most Virtual Piano Players have a sheet text box that you can paste your sheets in. A sheet looks something like this:

Hotline Bling (EASY)

[f9] d s [aeq] 9 [eq] 9 [eq] [a9] [eq] s 6 [80] 6 [80] 6 [80] 6 [80] [f9] d s [aeq] 9 [eq] 9 [eq] [a9] [eq] s [680] a p u [f9] d s [aeq] p 9 [eq] 9 [eq] [a9] [seq] [sf] 6 [80] [ad6] [80] [ps6] [80] 6 [80] [ps680] [up] 9 [eq] [a9] [seq] [sf] 6 [80] [ad6] [80] [ps6] [80] 6 [80] [ps680] [up]

I have an ever updating archive of sheets on my website so you can search for whatever song you would like to learn! Also, what the sheets don’t tell you is how to follow the rhythm of the song. I have tutorial videos on my Youtube Channel that help guide players on how to master the rhythm of a specific song. You can check out my tutorial videos here!


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