Gymnopédie No. 1 – Satie

Learn how to play one of the most popular classical compositions of our days on the Roblox/Virtual piano! Follow my tutorial video as you play with this Virtual/Piano sheet! This is the sheet to the full song. Gymnopedie No. 1 Virtual Piano Sheet is one of my most highly requested songs, so please send me a request through the contact page if you have an idea!

4 [etu] 1 [wru] 4 [etu] 1 [wru]
4 [etf] h [1g] [wrf] a [4p] [eta] s [1o] [wru] [4u] [etu] 1 [wru] 4 [etu] 1 [wru]
4 [etf] h [1g] [wrf] a [4p] [eta] s[1o] [wru]
[3a] [wru] [6f] [etu] [2y] [qe] 2 [eti] 1 [(wt]
[5o] [Ewp] P [1d] [qes]
p [1s] [8qP] p [1s] [^9w]
1 [^0w] s[1d] [wED] g [1h] [wEP] s
[1d] [8qs] p [1s] [^9w]
1 [^0w] s [2g] [eyi] [3f] [wru] [6p] [eto]
p [2a] [wrs] d [2a] [wrs] d [2u] [6wt] [9ei] [5qEP]
[18ts] 4 [etu] 1 [wru] 4 [etu] 1 [wru]
4 [etf] h [1g] [wuf] a [4p] [eta] s [1o] [wru]
[4u] [etu] 1 [wru] 4 [etu] 1 [wru]
4 [etf] h [1g] [wuf] a [4p] [eta] s [1o] [wru]
[3a] [wru] [6f] [etu] [2y] [qe] 2 [eti] 1 [(wt]
[5o] [Ewp] P [1d] [qys] p [1s] [8yP] p [1s] [^9t]
1 [^0t] s [1d] [wYD] g [1h] [wEP] s [1d] [8ys] p [1s] [^9t]
1 [^0t] s [2g] [ey] [2D] [wtY] [2p] [wYP] D [2d] [Eos] P [2d [wos] P
[2Y] [6wt] [9ei] [5qEP] [18ts]

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